Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 31 - Oct 4 - Signs-Signs-Everywhere Signs

What a day to start the trip home! Perfect weather (65 to 72 all day), perfect roads (great little communities, fun curves) and a perfect start (Neal's house is just a few minutes from the free ferry from the first settlement in the USA - Jamestown - across the beautiful James River). Towards the end of the trip today (289 miles), I was on some wild, curvy backroads through dense trees just beginning to change colors as I approached the famed Blue Ridge Parkway. I didn't get on it today -- but ended my trip poised to ride it all day tomorrow from "Fancy Gap" -- a point in Virginia about 15 miles from the border with North Carolina.

All during my trip I've enjoyed funny and interesting signs -- some unusual, like these. I got a kick out of one town's sign that I didn't get a picture of -- it read something like this: "We're not much yet, but we're getting bigger!" My focus on the signs today made me think of that old 1960's rock and roll song about signs. If you have some extra time and want to enjoy a fun youtube video to that old song, check out this.

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